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Welcome to Maritime Security and Coastal Surveillance 2015

APAC'S Premier Maritime Security and Surveillance Forum

The 12th Annual Maritime Security and Coastal Surveillance conference is back after a runaway success last year!

In 2014, 250+ top representatives from over 110 navies, coast guards, military and maritime security organisations in Asia and beyond attended Coastal Surveillance to discuss solutions to combat pressing maritime security threats.

Attending organizations included: Republic of Singapore Navy, Royal Malaysian Navy, MMEA, Royal Thai Navy and Air Force, Royal Cambodian Navy, Royal Australian Navy, JMSDF and more.

In 2015, we are building on that success to bring you a highly valuable conference programme designed through intensive market research with and inputs from senior defense and government officials, maritime security experts and industry professionals.

You Cannot Miss This!

  • Network and build relationships with professionals from your counterpart organisations
  • Learn from knowledgeable subject matter experts armed with practical, implementable advice
  • Gain strategic, operational and technical insight on coastal surveillance and border protection as well as broader maritime security issues
  • Hear about the latest technologies you can tap on to achieve coastal surveillance and maritime security objectives as well as implementation considerations and pitfalls to avoid
  • Achieve greater information sharing and interoperability across agencies
  • Benchmark with maritime stakeholders to assess your priorities and focus for 2015 and beyond